My heart is screaming! Damn, you can imagine how I need you. This lonelyness is killing me softly. I tried to forget it, told me that I didn’t need it, but there is nothing to do. This thing got my head my own jail. I’m captive of myself. Thinking on thinking, all I can do is writing…

I’m just like an another, I thought was special, I will do something to change the world, but I realized that I’m alone. People run away when they see me or act like I dont exist. Yeah, it hurts, but it’s life. I can’t force them to talk to me or like me. Anyway, I’d rather to be lonely (lie), don’t get attached to anyone and not get hurt again.

They might like you just because you are pretty, ugly, rich, well dressed and come lick them ass everytime. People like when you care about them. They feel important, but how many of them do the same you. It is when the relationship only goes in one way that you realized that the person only want attention. She doesn’t care about you, because you always run to her like a slave!

Sometimes you have to take the lead. Learn who to use your power. Feel like a super hero and gain that honors and respect from others. Ain’t about pride, but grow up. Nobody is going to tell you what’s good for you. They are more busy to try to bring you down! SO GET THAT



Better rush,

Bring chocolate and butterscotch,

Drop it everywhere you want,

Until I say : Put those pants off.

This is how your work starts,

Make that body a piece of arts

Than you can take it and expose it

Don’t waste time,

Let your mind connect with mind

Paint dirty memories

My Dear Friend,

If you only know how I miss you. Time is running and I’m still thinking. I’m living in the past, forgetting life keeps going so fast. I’m lost, since you left me for this guy. I feel pain and anger like all those haters. Maybe I’m just jealous of that happiness you found without me around. I tried everything to put you in a dark place in my mind, but I can’t because you were so great and kind. Hope one day you will remember me and it won’t be too late, we’ll share and celebrate. All those empty days will just disappear… . Divanina

I’m searching the right solution, but there is nothing to do. The feeling feels right, but I did wrong. Now, I can’t explain how I feel, words aren’t too strong. I’m trying to forget thoses precious days that are today…GONE.